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Solutions for
Agents and Brokers

Automate your workflows with towerIQ

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As an agent/broker there’s a daily struggle of manually reviewing paperwork, re-keying information, and reconciling data from multiple spreadsheets. This repetitive work may even be sent offshore to operations workers where manual creation of new fields on ACORD XML forms is costly and inefficient.

Put your customers at the center of the conversation

Simplifying the end-to-end policy application process needs to happen from the front lines of the business. Empower your brokers and put your customers at the center of the conversation.

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Hear from Hertvik Insurance

Hertvik Insurance accelerates lead generation and entry into a new hotel segment with towerIQ.


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Reduce E&O

Pre-fill applications with customer data and save time by importing data from legacy systems, cloud CRM tools, and third-party data marts.

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Complete time-consuming workflows quickly and easily

Provide better, more transparent services to your clients with automated quoting, proposal, and binding. Update your online schedules from unstructured data in Excel, PDFs, Word, and more.



Illustration of create submission screens in towerIQ
Illustrations showing timelines and completion progress



Optimize end-to-end communications

Capture and transmit communications that are accessible anywhere using a visual, no-code environment.


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Cross-sell effectively using data to inform marketing campaigns

Email your customers trends in what lines of business their competitors are buying.

Illustration of an email from towerIQ recommending new lines of business


Pre-fill form data

Populate applications with the data in your systems or third party data vendors like Experian, CoreLogic, etc.

Import schedules

Import schedules and workbook tracking directly from Excel and transform them instantly into online workbooks.

Interactive forms

Build your own interactive forms and workflows that mirror the custom processes you already have in place.


Embed electronic signatures directly into form workflows and eliminate paper-based signing delays.



Role-based dashboards

Manage everything in one place by creating role-based reports and dashboards.

Integrate with any system

Integrate and connect with your AMS system and policy admin system to push data, connect with carriers, instantly submit applications, and receive quotes.

Client activity alerts and audit

Get proactive alerts when your clients sign in, submit forms, and more. Timestamped audit logs of client activity improve compliance.

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