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A digital client experience in a box

Bringing real-time digital collaboration to the insurance experience.

Dynamic client portals

The only real-time collaboration tool for the app to binding lifecycle. Give your clients access to their policy information while allowing them to update the same exact documents you see, simultaneously increasing data accuracy and decreasing time lost in back and forth.

Client portals features

Dedicated Client Access

Give your insureds a personalized portal with their policy information, branded to your agency.

Real-time Interaction

Collaborate with your clients in real time on any device, drastically cutting down on back- and-forth touchpoints.

Risk Mitigation

Insureds update the same schedules, applications, and other documents that you see, keeping data correct and keeping their lift simple.


Web hosted on AWS, towerIQ keeps your data both accurate and secure.

Audit Trail & Activity Tracking

All actions are tracked so you can see what has been changed, and you can easily alert your client when a change needs to be made.

Controllable Experience

You control what your client sees, so at renewals, only necessary information is displayed and last year’s prefilled and unchanged data is hidden.