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Collect data the way you want

towerIQ’s no-code custom forms builder makes it easy to ask the questions you need in a clean digital experience. Capture info through an email, an online ad, or in an I-frame on your website — all in your desired format and order.

Custom digital forms

towerIQ helps brokers meet the new industry standard for gathering data from current and prospective clients. Easily build digital forms based on the info you need, then go a step further to unleash those forms online.

Custom forms features

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop

A codeless environment allows anyone to place industry standard or custom questions in any desired order.

Digital Omnipresence

Post your custom form anywhere online for new prospects to fill out, and any info they enter is auto-captured.

Conditional Logic

All question types can be made contingent on others, allowing you to show the user only what they need to see.

Device Agnostic

Your forms are accessible through any internet enabled device.

CRM Compatible

Profiles are auto-created for first time prospects to track their data and easily convert to clients once a policy is bound.

Prefill Capable

Use data entered from prospects to prefill carrier supplementals and bind their policy faster.