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IMproved insured experience

Elevate your insureds' experience

Give your clients a modern experience that makes the insurance process easier and more transparent.

Meet your clients where they are

Give your clients the ease of providing all the information you need, where and when it is convenient for them.

Tools for your insureds

Client Portals

Provide your clients with a dedicated portal for their applications, schedules, policies, and all their insurance-related data in a single portal.

Advanced Worksheets

Allow your clients to upload their spreadsheets the way they maintain them, and allow your team to manipulate them on the backend.

1-Click Renewals

Give your clients the data they entered last year, prefilled on their renewal applications, allowing them to update only what needs to be updated.

Task Creation & Assignment

Create tasks and assign them to your client to keep their renewals on track and provide transparency into the insurance process.


Allow your clients to pay their premiums with their credit card or via ACH directly in the towerIQ portal.

Mobile Friendly

Client portals are available on any connected device, allowing clients to interact with the applications or policies anywhere they need to.