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Pricing for Brokers/Agents

The towerIQ platform offers a variety of ways to help digitally transform your insurance business.

Choose a plan that's right for your business.

Free Edition Enterprise
Pricing A great starting point for brokers and agents to digitize their client applications
Make applications a thing of the past with fully customizable, complex workflows for larger organizations
Fixed Annual Subscription
Online Forms and Policy Management
Smart Forms
Leverage business logic to hide conditional questions so clients (or agents) only need to answer a question once.
1:1 Application to PDF Mapping
Map field level data points to PDF forms policy applications.
Forms Library
Self-Service library of agency forms, ACORD, and carrier supplementals.
Share Forms
Pre-fill Forms Data
Pre-fill data on ACORD forms, Supplementals, and renewal applications with data from the prior year.
Online Schedules
Import .CSV and .XLS documents and allow clients to make instant, online updates to their schedule workbooks
Write to PDF
Export your mapped data directly to fillable PDF Forms
Centralized Document Repository
Upload and manage client documents in one central location.
Electronic Signatures
Built-in eSignatures capability to complete the end to end binding experience with one click.
Master Application
The master application capability offers completely digitized client data schema which moves beyond simple 1:1 Form mapping to 1: Many form mapping.
Custom Agency Branding
Brand your client portal with your own logo and color scheme.
Customization, Integration, and Automation
In-App Chat and Notifications
Collaborate and communicate with team members and clients directly within the app.
Connect to any system (AMS systems, policy admin systems, marketing/sales tools) using our public API
Security, Compliance, and Permissions
Change Tracking
Quickly view new changes in schedule data or renewals year over year.
Track Employee and Client Activities
Intelligent activity tracking lets you know when clients sign in, fill out and sign forms, or submit data.
Audit Trail
All actions in the platform from team members to clients, get a fine grained view of who filled out and submitted forms.
Role Based Access
Assign fine grained access permissions to ensure clients and employees view only what is required for their role.
Field Level Controls
Highlight exposure fields, show prior year values, and ensure clients update values before submitting.
User Management
Administration tools make it easy to add/remove employees and assign them to clients.
Support and Services
Case Based Support
Chat and email based support during normal business hours.
Client Success Manager
Dedicated Client Success Manager to help with onboarding and best practices.
Custom Application Development
Custom development to enable straight through processing of your master applications
Custom Connections to 3rd Party Systems
Custom integrations to your unique ecosytem of cloud tools and on premise systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a free trial?

    No, towerIQ is a permanently free product to use.  There is no credit card required to sign up. You will have complete and unlimited access to capabilities in the free product highlighted above on our pricing page. 

  • How do I gain access to the free product?

    To get started, simply click the link above and enter a few pieces of information. You will be notified by email once the free edition is available.

  • What are the limits on usage for the free product?

    You are only limited by the free product capabilities highlighted above. No pay walls, no restricted access. 

  • What are the typical use cases this product is designed for?

    The free product is designed for individual agents/brokers to digitize the application process for their clients. You will be able to browse our applications library for all the insurance applications,  then fill in, share, and download these applications. Additionally, you will be able to communicate directly with clients, store account information, upload policy documents, schedules, and any other required insurance information. 

  • What support is available for free product customers?

    You can reach our support team by emailing them at support@mytoweriq.com. You also have full access to our knowledge base, which is full of articles and videos to help you take full advantage of towerIQ!

  • Do I need to enter my credit card?

    You don't need to enter your credit card, however, by signing up for towerIQ you agree to our terms and conditions. You are not required to sign any long term contract to use our free product.

  • Will I need to upgrade to a paid version of the platform?

    As we've highlighted in the FAQ, there are many standalone use cases that do not require any upgrade whatsoever. However, larger brokerages with complex custom workflows, custom products and programs, and other needs such as advanced connectivity and data cleansing may benefit greatly from upgrading to one of our custom enterprise platform plans. To learn more about these projects please contact us at sales@mytoweriq.com!

  • Will my data be backed up and secure?

    Yes, your data is securely hosted and stored on Amazon Web Services platform and is backed up regularly.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us at sales@mytoweriq.com