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Maximize productivity, minimize cost

towerIQ simultaneously streamlines the app to binding lifecycle for both agents and insureds, resulting in heightened efficiency and accuracy for a fraction of the normal cost.

Unlock your exposure data’s potential

Any data from complex risk — ACORD or supplemental-based — is now made accessible and actionable within towerIQ's platform, while in other workflows the information sits inaccessible in attachments or in disparate systems.

Collaborate in real-time with insureds

Give your clients 24/7 access to their insurance data, policies and schedules on any connected device through Client Portals.

Streamline your app to binding lifecycle

Reduce non-value creating activities by 60% in the first year — such as repetitive data entry, unautomated exposure data monitoring, and certificate requests.

Minimize your E&O Risk

Agents and their insureds have one efficient collaboration space where real-time updates can be tracked, and a complete audit trail of every renewal — from exposure gathering to policy issuance — is made available to the broker, significantly mitigating E&O risk and increasing the credibility of data.


Sign documents with ease with towerIQ’s integrated signatures, automating the digital collection of signatures for insurance.

Bind policies faster by giving your clients the ability to digitally sign any insurance form in the towerIQ library, or create custom templates to get any documents your team needs signed.

Proposal Builder

Present professional, customized insurance proposals for your clients to close deals faster and win more business.

Personalize each proposal for your clients, and show them their coverage options with carrier quotes loaded directly into their proposals. Collect additional information from your clients directly in your proposals to close deals faster, and win more business.

Custom Forms

Enhance your exposure data gathering with easy- to-build custom insurance forms.

Create custom insurance applications and forms in minutes with an easy to use, no-code drag-and-drop custom forms builder. Add in required fields and formats to ensure all the information you need is correctly and completely collected. Easily share with current clients or unauthenticated prospects alike.

Client Portals

Collaborate with your clients in real time and offer them an unbeatable year-over-year insurance experience - easier for them, easier for you.

Give your clients 24/7 access to their insurance data, policies and schedules on any connected device. Renew policies faster by collaborating in real time, giving them access to the applications they need through an easy to use Client Portal.