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Solutions for Carriers

Reduce binding time and offer personalized solutions with towerIQ

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Commercial insurance buyers have become savvier and expectations for their trusted advisors have skyrocketed. Mundane, repetitive tasks overburden agents and insurers. You may spend weeks between data extraction, underwriting, and quoting just to bind a single policy. The time to offer streamlined, personalized solutions that are tailored to business needs has never been more important in winning and retaining business.

Put your customers at the center of the conversation

Simplifying end-to-end policy and submission processes needs to happen from the front lines of the business. Empower your underwriters and business development teams to put their customers at the center of the conversation.

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Illustration of the towerIQ carrier dashboard




Shorten time to quote

Gain trusted status amongst your distributors through the delivery of quality, accurate, insurance documents. Streamline the process for agencies and MGAs.
Illustration of a data schema in towerIQ



Get high quality data piped right into the system

Give your team the ability to make the best decisions with all the data to get to the best answer. Easily capture all submission and schedule data and ingest it into a structured language to transform it for increased quoting and submissions evaluations. 

Illustration of a data schema in towerIQ


Validate submission data

Use third party data to accurately validate the exposure data provided to you by distribution channels.

Offer multiple connection options for distributors

Connect via direct API connection, branded carrier portal, or email.

Submission activity tracking 

Track your submissions, documents, and messages in a single hub.

Broker activity alerts and audit

Get proactive alerts when your clients sign in, submit forms, and more. Timestamped audit logs of client activity improve compliance.


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