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Reduced E&O Risk

Track everything, reduce your risk

towerIQ can track every change in data, control who has access, and prevent anything from falling through the cracks.

Mitigate your E&O risk

Have every communication, interaction, change and update tracked for you in towerIQ.

Streamlined renewals features

Audit Trial

Track who is making changes and when these changes are made to ensure that nothing gets changed without your team knowing.

User Permissions

Control each users access to data in the system and allow only certain team members and client contacts to make updates on applications.

Difference Checks

Easily summarize and view differences on applications and schedules so your team can understand and monitor all changes.


Get notifications at each step along the way, from when a lead fills out a form to their first policy being bound.

Email Integration

Integrate your email directly into towerIQ so that all communications are tracked and stored in towerIQ to help build a comprehensive audit trail.

Advanced Validation

Incorporate advanced validation to require specific fields be answered and updated, and responses come in the correct format so data is accurate and complete.