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Complex Risk

Let your specialty shine

Create custom experiences for your team’s industry specialties and programmatic business.

Create your competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by doubling down on the industries and clients your team specializes in. Create custom experiences for your clients based on their industry’s needs, and allow your team to cater to where they specialize based on industry, client size, or line of business.

Streamlined renewals features

Advanced Worksheets

Allow your clients to upload their spreadsheets the way they maintain them, and allow your team to manipulate them on the backend.

Master Applications

Provide a single application to your clients that is designed to fill out multiple carrier supplementals at once, allowing your team to market to multiple carriers.

Custom Forms

Create custom intake forms and questionnaires for the specific industries your team specializes in, and collect only the information your team truly needs.

Workflows & Conditional Logic

Create custom workflows to meet the needs of the industries you serve and implement conditional logic to further customize the workflow based on your client’s needs.

Document Management

Upload and manage all the documents your clients and in a single repository so that all of their information is store in a single secure location, accessible whenever your team or your clients need it.

Carrier Management

Manage your carrier relationship, and define which underwriters work on specific lines of business for specific industries, or create formal programs with your strongest carrier partners.