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Streamlined Renewals

Renewals - done faster, easier, and with less stress.

Take the stress out of renewals by generating renewals with a single click and updating only what needs to be updated.

Don’t re-enter data, just update it!

Leverage the data already collected from your client and only update what has changed. With a single click, your team can generate renewal applications pre-filled with last year’s data. Allowing your team or your clients to only update what needs to change.

Streamlined renewals features

1-Click Renewals

Renew a policy with a single click, using last year’s data to prefill your renewal applications.

Carrier Submission

Package and submit the renewal information easily to your underwriters, or remarket the policy to new carriers seamlessly from the towerIQ platform.

ACORDs / Carrier Supplemental Library

Easily add new ACORDs or Supplementals with the click of a button to make sure all of the correct information is collected.

Client Portals

Share renewal applications with your clients and allow them to make the updates they need to, on any device when it works for them.


Allow your clients to sign any applications or documents in the same portal. No more switching platforms for different steps during the renewal process.

Task Creation & Assignment

Manage schedules with ease, allowing clients to upload their data in Excel formats, and easily manipulate the data with the ability to embed functions and formats.