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Insurance has been the bedrock that protects people and their businesses dating back to 1350 with the first “modern” hull insurance policy. As we have all read over the past few weeks, this is the first time during our lifetimes that we are concerned about our health, personal and financial safety all simultaneously. All of our efforts should be concentrated on keeping our family, friends, colleagues and strangers healthy, and that means doing our part by working remotely. Business has been interrupted, and we want to help.

We are offering the industry's most comprehensive insurance collaboration tools and services for free until you and your teams can return to the office. While we all adjust to working from home, we want to follow in the steps of companies like Zoom, Cisco, Google and LogMeIn by allowing agents and brokers to keep in touch with their clients and colleagues with free digital forms and applications, e-signatures, client portals and prefilled renewals.

We’re here to help. If any of this tooling can make your life a bit more normal in these difficult times, please sign up here. 

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